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Method Writing Journal Entries

(Based on the work of Jack Grapes)

Never begin a method writing journal entry with a story in mind.

Of course, that's what I want to do - to sneak in an idea and run it through the process without anyone noticing.

"But it's only me here."

Listen sunshine - you, me, somebody, is the only one who gives a flying feck about your writing, your stories, your methods.

Nobody cares.


So, lie there in bed, relax the body, and imagine some grand story opening, but do NOT bring it here. If I read a single word here about some sci-fi tall tale, I swear to goodness, I'll rip out the bloody page and shred it.

Do the exercise(s).

And remember what Alf used to say: "You may be early but the coach is never late."

Memories fade but Alf's language also included a few extra words learned when he was in the army. He was a postman when he coached us, and his message was received loud and clear.

Now, decades later, I can hear that commanding voice again, smell the ciggie smoke while jogging, exhausted, down the Barnett's Park hill to the start line, see the end glowing red for a moment as he takes a puff by the big tree two thirds of the way up that blessed bastard of a hill.

And I'm still the only one here.



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