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The Writer's Life be a-changing

Started a web2 blog (wordpress) at in 2007, and it's been my writer's home on the web ever since.

Morphed that to a static Hugo-based site in 2021.

Launched in 2022 for readers to buy my books direct. That too's a work-in-progress. Treading a path outside of Big Tech's walled gardens will no doubt be a long march.

This site,, represents my interest in decentralized media. I looked at alternatives but settled on Paragraph as a first attempt.

What can readers expect here?

My author's tag line gives a clue:

Mark McClure writes sci-fi and other things too.

My first love's science fiction but I've also written non-fiction (personal development) over the years. I plan to explore Paragraph's capabilities in the months ahead and also get involved with a desoc media protocol/app.

All being well, I hope to start writing serial fiction here in 2024.

Subscribe to my general emails - they'll be infrequent until I figure out what works best.

I'll also be emailing my 'McClure's Monthly' newsletter to subscribers in that community - once I move my list from a traditional email service provider to Paragraph's solution.

'McClure's Monthly' is emailed on the first Monday of each month; the next one's scheduled for Monday November 6. The newsletter includes info about new book releases, monthly updates on what I’m writing, and occasional unique fictional offerings.

Jan-2024 Update:
The newsletter ("McClure's Monthly") stays put at my web2 writer's site while I figure out Warpcast and also start releasing some fiction here on Paragraph. Lots to learn.

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